Is it too late

I left my boyfriend of 8 years on and off. And agreed to marry a man I knew for 2 years. On the outside he was perfection, my ex told me I didn’t know him as 2 years isn’t long enough, I didn’t listen. My wedding is in a few months and I’ve noticed some of the things my ex said would happen. Everything is set for this wedding including invites, but I suddenly do not want to go through with it, I feel I may regret it and this man will reveal worse sides of him I didn’t know were there. What should I do? While I’m confused and want to go back to my ex whom I’m certain will happily take me back, I’m also aware relationships aren’t always fun and I shouldn’t run when it gets tough. I’m just really confused, things I’ve never quarreled about in this life, this man makes an issue out of. Sometimes I’m in total awe of the type of utterances he makes and the things he takes to heart. Is it too late to run or should I sit my ass down and make this work?

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  1. Honestly it depends. Are the things your fiance showing you something that you can live with? do you have peace when you are with him and why did you break up with your ex, is it something that you can bare to go back to? also it is no one else’s business if you want to cancell the wedding and get to your know fiance better, if he doesnt like that or understand then you might think about breaking up with him

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