So called friends

My friend is a runs girl but she’s so nice and kind and has helped me a lot. I’ve spoken to her about stopping but she refused. Sometimes she’d ask me to escort her and introduce me to her friends while I wait for her to finish whatever she’s doing then we go back to school together. But of recent, she set me up to be raped by one of her friends . I wouldn’t have believed it was her if I hadn’t gone through her phone that day and saw the chats. God made me see it before she asked me to escort to his house that day. I don’t know what’s more painful the fact she wanted to set me up for #500k or the fact that I lost her as a friend. I’ve decided not to confront her about it and just cut her off. I hope I won’t be seen as ungrateful after all she’s done for me but I don’t trust her again.

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