I dated this guy who would always tell me that ”I am basing our relationship on money, if I ask for money, even when I will pay him back. Any small issue, he would say that it’s because of the money he didn’t give me, even when he is wrong, he always tried to manipulate my feelings. At a point I decided to end it all, that day he said ”Let me see how you will last with a man that gives you money. My brethren in the Lord, I met a full package, man wey complete, gives me full respect, credits me even when I don’t ask, someone that introduced me to all his family members, a week after meeting him. And yes, we are getting married, we’ve been together for 3 years. Leaving my ex was difficult, because I got scared when he said I wouldn’t last in any other relationship but I pulled through. I started seeing myself as someone who can’t even build a relationship but he was just manipulating me. Thank you for this opportunity

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