I’m bipolar and stupid. Whenever I get depressed, I text my boyfriend and he calms me down and makes me happy again. But on Saturday he doesn’t go to work I texted him since morning and he did not reply until 11pm, I got so angry and said goodnight. I started overthinking by 3am and I texted him and wrote all sort of rubbish to him and accused him on going to a girl’s house to cheat on me. I said all sort of nasty things to him and it and I slept back. When I woke up I wanted to delete the texts but he already saw it. Till today he hasn’t texted me back and I have apologized countless times. I’m sad now. I think he’s tired of me and my mental health sigh😣. Now I’m the crazy psycho bipolar girlfriend. I wish I was mentally stable. I need someone to talk to 😔

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