Tired 😪 I feel like crying (1)

I don’t know dating someone can be painful as hell. This girlfriend of mine, she’s moody and depressed but won’t allow me to help her out. I’m tired and really stressed out about this, I can’t sleep well enough. When I ask a question and I don’t understand next thing is never mind and that’s it. She stars messages of arguments that happened in the past most of which is caused by her and use it against me at any small instance. I want to rest, I’m getting tired.

Tired 😪 (2)

I’m someone who’s real empathetic, I could feel someone’s pain and Anguish and worries and all. I know she’s not feeling well psychologically and emotionally and confused but she won’t speak up. I’ve tried every rules in the book but all to no avail
Sometimes I want to yell at her and scold her but I just hold my peace because it won’t turn out well. Guess I’m not lucky with Love
She’s pushing me to that extent. 😪

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