What to do?

I broke up with a crazy ex that threatened to kill himself in 2018. It was long distance and I thought it was over now two years in this guy is still in my life causing me constant misery. Threatens to send my nudes to my parents Facebook. Which i don’t know how he got their pages, and it is not a lie he has shown me proof that he has it. I am an extremely good natured person and didn’t learn a well enough lesson from this still experience. I forgave him and stupidly let it slip that i was no longer a virgin now this human being is threatening again to tell my parents and all. The guy i had sex with is apparently a kiss and tell, told mr crazy guy details and added enough fiction to make a porn star shiver. Now today mr crazy guy sent me the phone number of my aunt and cousin. I don’t know how he got that either. This has been going on for two years now. The story is way deeper that this, and i do not know how to get rid of this guy. He lives in Nigeria and I do not. I am also not a kid i am 23, my parents are just really religious and this will devastate them.


  1. About the lady been threatened with her nude pictures, by her ex, involve the police. Same happened to me, I was scared and was always doing his bidding.

    Had to step up, informed my siblings and they took the issue up. Got him arrested provided all the pictures and what ever he had on me. Haven’t heard from him till date.

    I’d advise you do same.

  2. To the person with the stalker ex who has their nudes…block him sis!! (Sorry if you’re a dude 🤷🏾‍♀️). Get ahead of it by telling your parents about some guy who has been chasing you and has refused to take no for an answer. Tell them he has photoshopped a picture is threatening you. Your folks would be happy that you’re “staying away from guys” even…block him and report his social media pages. Also block the other blabbermouth who is clearly immature enough to kiss and tell.

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