My Relationship ended out of mistrust & jealousy

Fast forward to July 2021 because of his jealousy he took my phone in a public gather and read a chat between a school mate and I, where the guy sent me a sticker of (a man whipping a woman’s face with his dick) I warned him and told him never to try such again which he apologise. Now my fiancée saw it & assumed I have been sleeping with the said guy. I begged him & told him we are just schoolmate & nothing more, I showed evidence even the guy came in person to clear up the air, he said we ganged up. I have neverbeen this depressed before. How I wish I have a job, how I wish I did not put all my hope on him, how I wish I had deleted that chat. God bears me witness that I have been true with him and myself. I can’t stop crying, please I need a word of encouragement, I am depressed. I can’t get a job now because of my upcoming exams, I’m a per time student.

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