Pls advice and not insults

It happened that I fell ill for some days, which made me partially unaware of what’s happening around me. As a result of that, my sister has been the one answering my calls with my permission though. To make long story short, there is this lover of mine that keeps calling me but I couldn’t receive that call because I was always with some of my family members. So when my sis travelled, my phone was given to my mom and she noticed I don’t pick that particular number anytime it rings. She got suspicious of why I don’t pick that call even though I saved the number with an emoji. She went through my chat and found out it was a girl. My mother was very disappointed at me and gave me the insult of my life. The problem is she has sworn to tell my dad and get me married off and also said that it will never be well with me if I ever have something to do with that girl. Now the thing is I so much love this lady and I don’t know what to do or how to tell her this. She’s someone that gives me happiness and can’t imagine parting ways with her.

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