Heavyheart Vs Confused

My dad is a very wealthy man, believes in asset, fine. He has 4 wives which my mom is the first but divorced since i was 2, i have 2 siblings and I’m the last born. I worked 2 years with him and got nothing, i’m very hardworking so he i thought he liked me for that but at some point he doesn’t check on even though i’m managing his business and not getting no funds, not even allowance. I have a side hustle(online) which i use to carter for myself, i’m so confused why he doesn’t even ask how i’m managing even though i’m not in my home town. He took me to where i know nobody, a large warehouse for agricultural produce. He doesn’t carter for us at all, recently he sent 2 ladies to UK, i followed those girls online. They already got another guy over there😂😂😂. I pray i get a chance to ask him why he’s like that to us, especially me i worked hard for him and secured his property. Not even a compensation when i was going back to my home town, he even gave me attitude when i was going to back to my town. Well I’m doing fine myself with my kid and wife. I’m just 21, my kid is 3, my building construction is still in progress. I just get sad sometimes when i remember everything and i get depressed. I just can’t get why he was so cruel to us and the resemblance is like mad, all of us.

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