Business struggle

Doing business is really hard to be honest
I remembered how I saved lots of money because I wanted to start my business so bad. I finally did, I was so happy and people were turning up. A month into the business, I lost all my money, i was robbed,I couldn’t restock. It was really hard, I cried and cried
I started all over again after few months. I had two phones,i had to sell one of it. I saved all the allowances I got from family to buy goods and it was going smooth then this faithful day I went to market to get customers orders including wholesale deals,I was so happy because I made good profit from it. Fast forward to sending orders to customers(the wholesale deals) I used the delivery guys at the market that could deliver within Lagos island instead of taking the goods home first. Customers started calling that they haven’t received their goods, the rider number wasn’t going😭💔Kept trying his number it wasn’t going, I even went back to the market where I got the rider,couldn’t find him, I was broken💔He took goods over #400k away. I couldn’t eat, sleep, I fell sick, had to use to profit I made to refund some of my customers and it wasn’t still enough. I finally paid back after selling the few goods I had left
All these happened between the space of 5 months. Since then I gave up on business because I really don’t know where to start from😞💔.

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