I have a young single mum, she is beautiful and loves a married man which myself and other siblings doesn’t support. But she always get mad at me for talking to her against the man. To be honest, I don’t like seeing any man around her. She even told me last night that I’d just die because of this man issue, I’m tired.


  1. This is my response to the person that shared a secret about his/her mom.
    My dad died when my mom was around 42. Its been 11years now and sometimes I can’t help but pity for my mom. Loosing her husband at such a young age, loneliness and lack of support. It’s not easy. She recently started seeing someone. She’s hiding it but i know. Sometimes when he calls i leave so she’ll answer his call comfortably, I’m very happy for her honestly. So dear sir/ma, let your mom be loved by someone, it’s not easy to be a single mom.

  2. This is also replying to the person that shared about his/her mom. My day died when I was 5 and my mom was 26. 42 isnuh young compared to 26. She still had her whole life ahead of her but she still sacrificed her whole youthfulness to cater for us. When I turned 19 that’s 14 years later, I had to sit my mom down and advice her to get a spouse to avoid total loneliness when all the children are out of the house. She did take my advice and after my dad’s death completed 15 years, she found someone and they got married almost immediately, when she was 41. She’s now 42 and I swear I have never seen my mom happier. Companionship is what keeps them going during their old age, nothing else.

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