Dating a married man &need advice

He’s been good to me honestly 3 years of dating I don’t stress him but apparently his wife read his text with me and that of his best friend and she warned his best friend not to step foot in their house ever because his best friend is my uncle and she thinks he is pushing me (niece) to her husband to marry. Honestly I don’t know what to do, the last thing I want or wish for is for him to have problems at home or my uncle having been seen as a bad person. I don’t know whether to walk away and leave no trace or to stay and until this is resolved. Help me desperate for solutions. Please don’t judge me because y’all don’t know what I have been through.

One comment

  1. Question… is this what you see for yourself. He’s married obviously his wife wants to remain married and now your uncle’s reputation is compromised. Why is is so hard to raise your consciousness and walk away from this toxic situation ?

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