I’m tired

I’m tired, emotionally and mentally. I just want to die, i hate everything about me, my body, attitude, everything. I’ve been depressed for 3 years, there’s no one to talk to, i’m just 15😪. I just want to hug someone for once and for someone to care bout me. I’ve been cutting for months and the only thing holding me back from cutting deeply is going to hell. It’s not fair, I’ve wasted so many years with depression. I wish i was aborted to be very honest.

I’m Tired(Part 2)

I’m the 15 year old girl. I read the comments, thank you! It’s not a hormonal problem, I’ve been cutting for 4 months. Letting what someone said about my appearance is how everything started. Depression, anxiety, self hate, no self esteem, uncontrollable intrusive thoughts and hoarding(might be OCD), self-defeating personality disorder then cutting. I’ve been trying to get help but there aren’t many free online therapy sessions. I’ve started speaking to the MentallyAwareNG account though. I’m just angry at myself for letting all this happen, for wasting years i could have spent making memories on all this suffering. Also, it’s not easy to start loving myself and my body, it will take time. I still have faith that everything will get better.

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