Things are not the same

This is quite a long story so I’ll try to keep it brief. I’ve known my friend since secondary school and we got close as we went to university in the same country. I came home & she visited & met my cousin. I told him although it seemed complicated, she was in a relationship but he insisted I introduce them. I tried not to get involved, so I told her and gave him her Instagram handle. A year later, my cousin tells her I originally said she was loose. Obviously she’s livid but she says nothing to me and tells him that this is why she was wary about a relationship involving his family early on. The little f*cker tries to pacify her by saying I’m not his family. And I hear all this from my brother’s girlfriend who he tells. After much prodding, she tells me. I try to explain but she doesn’t believe me. I finally accept that we aren’t friends anymore as the last thing she says to me is “have a nice life”. But here’s the kicker. She called the other day wanting to be friends again. I see her making the effort but honestly, I think I was too hurt and shocked that she would’ve never told me if my brother’s girlfriend hadn’t found out and that she would just believe something someone said without confronting me at the very least.

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