I laugh

I dated this girl, gave her everything, love her, cared, supported her business and even bought her a car, now the only thing I want from her is to cook for me. Like she always want us to go out and eat, and always bugging me to get a house help. The only thing I want from you is just prepare me dinner and breakfast because I might be out. I eat lunch outside with friends, this has been a major issue and it seems she’s not going to learn. On Saturday is our wedding and I’m going to call it off just because of this, I’ll take every single thing I gave to her because I gave you everything you want, but since you don’t want to do just one thing I ask from you, you have to go and I’ll do it publicly, I really hope she sees this.

One comment

  1. This is for the guy whose wedding is tomorrow. I think you should call it off now, doing it publicly won’t change anything.
    And I feel it would be petty taking all the things you gave her.
    Just let go. Please.

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