My 4+ relationship with my boyfriend/baby dad is on the line, this guy cheats and act like it’s nothing. He has friends that runs same shit, the only difference is they don’t have a baby. He doesn’t come around and when I ask he tells me that he’s not bouyant enough #500 naira sef can take you to my place. Today, I found out you dating bewaji congrats oo. As for me I’m done, I deserve happiness too ps I take care of my baby myself and that your stupid friend that keeps encouraging you the guy too wise. His own woman, he doesn’t joke with her and that one thinks she got a good man for keeps if only she knows but as for you every morning I will naked and give you swear for the rest of my life, you will never get blessings from me. To think I ran away from home to keep our baby and to think I gave you my pride too 😩😩😩, you really played me oo.

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