I have been trying to get this girl in a relationship to date me for six months now. Girl is so faithful, it’s mind blowing to me. She wouldn’t take my gifts or money, always have ways of diverting my questions, she loves this her boyfriend like crazy and he takes good care of her but I want her because I love her, Omo, first time in my life I’m seeing a faithful girl.


A lot of you were steaming because I said this gir is faithful to her boyfriend. “If she’s faithful, she won’t reply BS” that is how you control your women. If you know how many guys toast your babes eh in a day una go die early. Talmbout she’s not interested in me. She’s not actually because she’s interested in someone else that’s she’s dating. At the end of the day, her boyfriend won because he picked a diamond. And I’ll leave her alone as some girls commented…na the guys e pain pass.😂😂😂

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