I’m in my finals, I’m just 24 but last year came with a debilitating health challenge, I’m now a diabetic. At first, I was diagnosed with 585, it dropped down and I went back to school. I went on remission (diabetic remission), it was almost normal. It happened after I went hypo, now it’s back. I stopped using my insulin when it went on remission, now I don’t know what to do. It doesn’t go less than 190, it is as high as 250. I haven’t spoken to my doctor in a while because I had a hard time accepting it and was suicidal. Everyone are supportive but I wake up each day with a heavy heart. Just yesterday I just had this thought that I won’t live past 30. I’ve been unable to shake it.

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  1. I just saw a write up about someone complaining about being diabetic at 24. I know this is a very difficult stage of your life and you are scared, but I want to tell you that you are not alone. I became hypertensive at a young age too and I was devastated about the major life changes that will ensure but guess what I’m fine with the daily drugs. I know it’s hard because you will definitely ask why you ? Life’s throws different things at us but it’s left for us to adapt. I loved my Heineken then but I am without it now.
    Please get back on your medication and you will leave as long as you have been destined to. You staying off your drugs will complicate things leading you to have other ailments which you could have prevented.
    This is your own burden, please carry it with faith and cheerfulness. Peace

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