My Fiancee

I wish my fiancee knows what guys are offering to just have me, I’m not bragging but only if he knows maybe he’ll be more sweet and attentive. I delete some messages so i avoid most of the temptations, have my peace of mind and so i can focus only on him because i love him like mad. I said yes because when it comes to you my heart acts before my mind can even get the chance to think, that’s how much i love you even with what I’ve been through in my previous relationships i didn’t allow whatever ruin what we have. You know I’m down for you whichever way but your attitude is really pushing me. You say you know i won’t go anywhere that I’m stuck with you, yes i want to be like that with you but your attitude is pushing me away. Caring won’t make you less, i pray you don’t realize this after i decide to leave. I have a very bad habit of not looking back.

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