Ex boyfriend wahala

Omooo I’m still in love with my ex but he doesn’t want me. Infact I’d say he hates me so much at this point. Whenever I post picture on WhatsApp he’ll comment that I’m getting fat oh, my nose looks like kpomo😭, my hair is shorter, my sister is prettier, I’m now too dark. Likeee Oga can you give me a break. In all these I just type lol or sometimes pretend I didn’t see his nasty comments. Like guys the shocking thing is that he just became the opposite after we broke up. This guy was the boyfriend any girl would ever wish for till I ended things with him. Now he’s just being so nasty and rude to me and I’m here hoping against hope that we can get back together. What do you people think? Why is he being mean to me? How do I get him back? I miss him !

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