My parent collected loan to send my brother abroad and for the past 7 years, he hasn’t sent a naira home. Now I couldn’t go to school because my parent don’t have money, I’m depressed and sad. I just don’t want to curse my brother even though he has made our lives miserable.

I’m sorry

I’m sorry for not writing the details of the issue because y’all are judging and blaming me. My brother is doing well abroad, I have his WhatsApp number and I do see his status he his well to do over there I mean rich person wey buy benz. He blocked me when I confronted him that what he is doing is not good. He said Dad offended him so he has to punish him by not taking care of him and the rest of his children. My dad was Even arrested when he couldn’t pay the money he borrowed on time. He is now a US citizen, he has money, he just didn’t want to help.

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