I had a paying lover whom i ended things with amicably. He was a good man, great! even, and every now and then i always thought to call him just to check up but for some reason i come up with excuses not to . Recently i got a whatsapp message from him which i was happy to open by the way but to my greatest shock it was his obituary i was staring at, i guess his family found a way to reach out. I have never felt this kinda rude awakening before, i thought i could handle this loss but every now and then i feel hot tears dropping, it comes in waves. He believed so much in me men, sponsored a buisness for me and all, everywhere i turn i see something of value he gave. I feel so guilty i didn’t reach out, not even farewell. If only i can speak to him one last time just to say thank you. RIP babe

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