Some boys are babies, not capping.

There’s this guy from where I used to work, it was so obvious to even our colleagues that we sort of like each other. I mean, he’s really a touchy person and didn’t (or probably couldn’t) hide it. When I left a month ago, we kept in touch really good. We had long talks almost every night. Thank God for the short sallah break, we decided to hang out. I sort of looked forward to it. Honestly, he was really nice and I enjoyed every bit of it. You’re wondering where the but lies yeah? Except that I still had the contacts of some of our colleagues at work, I uploaded some of the videos we made (just normal videos you could make with just friends) nothing sensual, nothing mushy ooo, Na so baba talk say ehn you shouldn’t have uploaded the videos and pictures. I don’t want my anyone seeing my business. what business? Guy rest please! I’m someone that doesn’t like stress at all, I just deleted his number and those of his colleagues (also my former colleagues). I didn’t see anything bad in uploading those videos because why? I’m not sure if he follows this page, even if he does, he can help me to f*ck off. I’m restraining myself from unfollowing him here so as not to be petty. So vain😕

One comment

  1. Before posting a video u did with a guy or a girl, you need their consent. Even if there’s nothing wrong with it, he or she might not like it. So there’s everything wrong in posting a video of him without letting him know. And telling you to delete it isn’t stress 😕it’s just his decision so I don’t think deleting his number is the right decision or maybe u never liked him as u claim.

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