Emotionally drained

My so called husband acknowledged the fact that he loves women, not just his wife but women and claims he know where to draw the line. Ok so since last month I have been trying to act matured, from girls missing him to the one calling him babe, different stupid messages popping up his screen from WhatsApp. I was trying to ignore until my circle found out he was house hunting for a friend, just imagine, anyway my maturity was filled to the brim then I bursted out. Instead of this fool to apologize, he owned it once again that he loves women and he said he doesn’t cheat but loves women. He beat me as usual (this habit of him hitting me), I thought he changed but this time around is going to be the last!. I have made up my mind to start liking men and not just my husband maybe i will understand where he is coming from, today I gave out my numbers to (6) different guys on Instagram who have been in DM for months, let me start from there.

One comment

  1. Be careful. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I understand it hurts a lot. But be careful

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