In this life, I never thought in this life I will be so foolish. I lost my parents at a tender age and yet that was not enough for me to have sense. I dated a guy that was introduced to me by my friend, she made me date the guy and then I started falling. I dated him for 3 years, he cheated on me three times then when I broke up with him. I dated someone who loves me very much but I still had feelings for this my ex and I went back and slept with him. The fool used a torn condom on me which led to me getting pregnant and getting an abortion while I was still in the other relationship. My ex said he was going to do nothing about my pregnancy which meant I suffer alone. I hate that my ex so much now I swear if I had my way, I would kill him. My present boyfriend after my confession forgave me, took me back and is even protecting me but sometimes I feel insecure that with my past he will leave me. He is just an angel sent to help and guide me.

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