Probably run away.

Every night, i go to bed crying! It’s really painful living with my parents and I can’t relate with them, we have zero bond. The day i told them, they were now reminding me of the sacrifices they’ve made for me. Yes, they did and i appreciate that, but how the fuck does something happen to me and I can’t tell my parents first? That’s the relationship i want with them. Now, i have a job, and when i close, these guys still leave the entire house chores for me to do! I have younger siblings but it’s beginning to look like I’m a slave. The trash will be full and everyone will wait for me to take it out, and until i do, they will be dropping dirt on the already full bin, making it run over. I’m currently sick, started today, but who cares?? The world revolves around them. Lol. If this is parenting, then it’s disgusting!!!

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