I tried all I COULD

I started hustling since I was 19 (I’m 25 now) what didn’t I do? (except sell my body for money). I did all matter of jobs until God finally blessed me early last year. I was very happy, I was able to afford things I needed as a young lady then it started, if my mom wasn’t calling for money, it’s my brother if my brother wasn’t calling it was my sister. As the kind of person that I am, I couldn’t say no even if it means using my capital from my business. I’m the last child of my family, mind you nobody has ever given me 1 naira and said put inside your business. Before long my little business came crashing down, really down that I could not afford to subscribe on my phone. So I started looking for ways to start all over again, I told my elder brother to assist me (I will not disclose what) he agreed too, then later I noticed he was pulling back(when I asked, he said my… asked him not to render the help to me) I was like wow same set of people that i took risk for. It is well, I’m going through a lot (things I cannot say). I see people also saying suicide is never an option (it is for me) I thank you lord for bringing me this far, for making me feel what happiness is. Grant my soul rest as I journey to meet you lord (please write my name in the book of life)
If you are seeing this, please say a little prayer for me. Thank you.

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