I want to End my life

Now I know what it feels like to be born out of wedlock. My mum wants me to get a Federal government job before I get married. I am 26 for God sake and my fiancé is well to do but my mom is insisting. I told her I would start up a business once I get married because I and my fiancé don’t live in the Same state, he lives in Lagos and I am in Abuja. I can’t open a shop here in Abuja because I would be residing in Lagos after my wedding. I’m loosing it right now, my dad is late and I don’t even know my dad’s family, the only people I know are my mom’s siblings and relatives. I don’t want to pray for my mother to die because she is the only one I have. I’m slowly sleeping into depression and suicidal thoughts are coming in my head. The Traditional marriage is supposed to hold in November but my mum is not seeing reasons with me. I am very depressed, no one to talk to, my fiance too is confused. What should I do? Who should I talk to? God please help me on what I’m about to do.

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