Abroad Konji

Moving abroad seems juicy but the psychological effect is usually not spoken about. I have moved to Canada for about 3 years and I have never felt lonelier in my life. Not just sex but everything that has to do with socializing. You don’t hang out, meet people the way you do naija. I can go to a club and pick a girl as long as i have money in naija, here even if you get money, e no mean. I have a girlfriend in naija i love with my whole heart but body no be firewood. We have agreed that ignorance is bliss – as long as we don’t know and we give each other attention and time. I’m only scared she would have slept with a guy thinking I’m f**king my brains out here too but na soapy dey help me since. Now i don’t even get horny again and it is becoming scary, hope it doesn’t affect me when i come back and want to do with my babe. I just want to meet a girl i can vibe with and be having sex with. If wishes were horses.😞

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