Anxiety wan finish me, wake up to heavy heart, go to sleep with depression ehhhn.
Why naw, fine boy like me, people see me only thing dey know fine boy see ur skin. You no wetin person dey face chai. I think it’s trauma and heartbreak hitting me everyday. Drugs don’t even ease the pain anymore.

Make I spit my pain finish, financially I’m trying, not broke at least
But damn I feel alone, I’ve been a lonely guy all my life. If you wanna picture my kind of person mehnn think of The Weeknd. I listen to his songs, I feel a lot of that man’s pains. Loneliness, shy, bad esteem, heartbreak trauma yet na only fine boy una see.
Omo boys dey try sha ko easy.


  1. Hey! We’ve all been there but you don’t have to feel lonely when we can be friends and I can help chase the blues away.

  2. Yeah, I have social anxiety and depression too. It really sucks. I understand the tight feeling in your chest when it’s time to wake up and face the day, like you can’t breathe. And the sleepless nights with constant worries over the smallest things. It will be fine, you aren’t alone.

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