I don’t know if she is my daughter

When I was at the age of 17, I had sex with a girl on my street, this girl was known as a prostitute because many guys on my street had slept with her including all of my friends that I even know about it. This girl had been always lying to people on my street that I’m her boyfriend, many people knew she had crush on me and all. So, on one unfortunate night I was walking with my friends down the street and I met this girl, my friends said I should talk to her which I did and we took her home (my friends house). When we got home we talked for a while and I started touching her, to my surprise she didn’t even take my hand off her body, I push her to the bed and I had sex with her freely. When I was about to cum, I didn’t pull out because I wore condom not knowing the condom had tore, so I came inside her mistakenly. I was so scared that same night I gave her salt and water to drink and the next day I went to give her postinor at her place. This girl doesn’t meet my standards at all, I cannot even walk with her in public! We stopped talking for about 5 months. Before I knew it I have been hearing my gist here and there that I impregnated someone. My mother and I heard about it we went there together we both rejected the pregnancy, so everything died down. They took the girl to different guys houses but she insisted that I’m responsible for the pregnancy. I told them to let us go for DNA test but they said no. After about 3 years that I relocated, I came back to meet the mother of this girl and I begged her for what happened, that was just confused if I’m the owner or not. I and the mother will be taking care of the child, since that day i have been paying this child school fees, feeding and all. I’m just 20 years old , my mother didn’t know I went behind her to accept the child, I just don’t want any issue with my future. I’m confused right now!!

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