Cousin madness

I’ve been dating this girl for 1 year and we stay in different towns but I normally visit her at any given opportunity. I decided to travel down to her place and see her, I’m close to her family so I just went straight to their home instead of staying in a hotel. When I got to the house I met one of her aunt who doesn’t know me, she was scolding her brother and asking him how he’ll allow such abomination happen under his nose, that my girlfriend and her cousin have been having an affair for almost a year now and they just kept quiet about it. Later in the day, I decided to talk to my girlfriend.
I didn’t want to go ask her about the incest stuff because it seems the family don’t want people to know about it and I don’t want her to know that I have an idea, so I just asked her if she’s seeing someone else to which she replied NO. He sends her random pictures even dick pictures too. I left for my place the next day and I’ve not called her or picked her call, I’m so confused.

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