I have lost myself, I married my best friend but I refused to accept that he’s a cheat, I mean we were courting while he dated 3 other girls. I forget it’s his way and I went ahead because we vibe together. Above all, he’s a great guy but 3 years of marriage I am convinced more that I had no business getting married to him, we were better off as friends. I mean you know I am ambitious, you say you admired that but you made me quit my job ! I am here lost, you know you are my only friend, since year 1. Now you exploit me, answer calls, sleep with different girls then you ask me why don’t I have friends, I should open up to people! Really. You told me this is not my house, and that you never wanted our son. I am an alien that lays egg that what you call me. I love my son, i don’t regret giving birth to him. Hell I never wanted to get married i just taught you couldn’t surprise me anymore I mean the devil you know right. The only thing keeping me from calling the EFCC on you is that you were once good to me but you have hurt me a lot. Christ I need help, someone hear me scream please 😭 😩 😫 😔.

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