I cheated on my ex twice (sometimes last year). She somehow forgave me and everything was fine. Until I started noticing some things about the guys she texts. I complained about it and we fought countless times ( to a point where i have 3 scars ). I never wanted to believe the relationship was toxic, she used to term herself as a spec. Well i tried so hard to prove to her that I really love her but things kept getting worse to a point where she travels and doesn’t tell me about it. Found out that she lied about some things, i still tried to forget about what she did ( because i loved her and wanted to have peace ). Last night we were supposed to have a date, she stood me up only to get to her house the morning and some guy had to park behind me. I told her someone came to visit her and she came out of her house only to enter the guy’s car and not mine. I came down from my car and tried to approach her, only for her to humiliate and i made a fool of myself ( all because i wanted things to be right ) . Guess what? I saw her in town driving that same guy’s car today. I really regret everything i did and now we’ve broken up. I’M SO PAINED.

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  1. I truly want to feel sorry for him, but he brought this upon himself. You see women might forgive but can nevee forget and that particular thoughts will continue to eat away every feeling they once had until there is nothing left and by then it is too late. You will date again but the next time please don’t do what u hate

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