My stepsister from my mum hated me so much and I really didn’t know why. When she got admission into unilag, she used it to mock me while I was at home for four years. Fortunately when I got into unilag, she was so bitter that she would be lying about things I have never done to my mum and dad and my mum believed. All because of that, my mum hated me too like she didn’t give birth to me. My dad had no job so he couldn’t pay for my fees. I had to struggle to pay for my fees, slept on one pastor’s chair at night because I couldn’t afford hostel throughout my first year. With help of God I graduated with a first class in 2019 and was awarded a scholarship in the USA. My stepsister is seriously ill that she can’t even walk. I feel bad for her but would I say she deserved it?

One comment

  1. I don’t know if she deserved it or not but it’s definitely not your problem. It’s okay to feel bad but don’t go out of your way to do anything that will be at your own expense. If you want to help, help, but only what you’re comfortable with. Don’t feel guilty.

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