My main boyfriend (John) is comfortable, he has lands and properties, isn’t even based in this country, came back and had been stuck here due to the COVID pandemic, he’s planning to go back probably April. He loves me and probably wants a future with me, but I’ve got needs that he can’t take care of at the moment because he is kinda broke now due to his house under construction. Now there is this other guy (James) I like this one, probably love him more, not that I don’t have feelings for my main boyfriend (John). But this one is more of my spec, added with the plenty money he has and is willing to give. He got me my first iPhone, hairs, luxury stuffs and all without even pushing me to have sex with him. This new one is a charmer, good vibes and all. Problem is I can’t tell if he loves me or just being nice, plus he hasn’t really mentioned anything about a relationship. I feel lost. I wish my main boyfriend would do all these things for me, I feel he would when he leaves this country but then I am more attracted to James sexually, physically and even emotionally. I sha don’t know if it’s because of the money or it’s real love.

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