A shadow of myself

I am an angry soul, most parents don’t realize that the decision they make in life would affect their children more than it does them. Oh when you see me, you see a beauty who always smiles but deep down the few minutes of happiness I have is when I am far far away from home. My mom the perfect supportive wife who has endured all the trash her husband my father throws her way and thinks herself to death and when I see her it breaks me over and over makes me bitter and I am like why won’t they just fucking separate, then my dad the all nagging blaming perfect annoying soul oh how I have killed him a thousand times over because I have never known peace since I was a child and it has made my life really bitter. Raped at 9 years of age oh how can I forget this memory so so fresh in my head even at 25? I am a complete shadow of myself because I suppress emotions I wreck everything in my path and still don’t know when this storm would end. What good parents travel and leave their kids girls included with a careless growing teenager and for this I hate my parents because they ruined my life before it even began, took away my peace and fed me pain and they don’t even know it and I’d never be the same.

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