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  1. You should be smart enough to know that’s the devil speaking through you, please don’t end up doing something you will regret tomorrow. You don’t know what she has done or where she has eventually been to, you’re getting jealous. Look all your need is your peace if mind, why don’t you stop being friends with her and rather focus on your own growth. No one’s gonna show you what they’ve done to be where they’re at today. Just pray and workhard for your own growth, its not a bad idea if you eventually get a car and a house of your own. What if those properties gets taken back from your friend, she’s back to zero. So my advice study and keep working towards achieving your dream, your time go come. Trust God, don’t let jealousy and envy take away your peace and happiness because you’re definitely gonna regret all of it at the end. So fine girl move on with your dreams, if you need someone to talk to just drop your ig acct i can as well add you up so we can be friends, because I understand how you feel. So please

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