I’ve got a thing for saggy boobs, they’re softer than the standing boobs. Everytime I’m with my friends they tend to laugh at girls with fallen boobs, but they don’t know I have a thing for them, even my girlfriend has saggy boobs because she has a kid, which they don’t know about. I’m just hoping this niggas grow up someday and stop mocking these girls.


I posted a secret about me liking saggy boobs, i saw some positive comments and it was nice. There were some peepz who were trying to school me on that session and trust me I don’t need that. I know what i want and i can never be ashamed of my girlfriend having a kid, that’s the more reason i tend to want her more because she’s smart. I don’t need my friends opinion to live my life, some of my friends already know she has a kid and whoever is not cool with it should fuck off. I can’t start advising my friends on what not to do and to do, they should be smart enough to know what’s right.

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