I’m So Confused

Hello Everyone
I’d like to share my story/burden, I was in a long distance relationship with this girl because I’m outside Nigeria. However, it was all good & nice, she was working at the time and I was gradually assisting her in every little way I can. After awhile she was complaining of her phone, she said she wants to change the phone i did agree to assist her with some money for the phone before her birthday but somehow the money i was expecting never got to me, but i did sent her some money for her birthday. She kept on pressuring me for phone, I told her I don’t have the money now but hopefully we’ll buy the phone, although she earlier said if I don’t get her the phone we might have issues. After couple of days, she just snapped & said I’m a very stingy person also I’m very self centered, what have I done for her? Have I ever sent her money without she asking me ? That word really got to me because I believed we had an understanding as adults but what she said really hurt me if she had insulted me I wouldn’t mind but she saying I’m very stingy & self centered really got to me. This is a girl that has never done anything for me she can’t even mention a single thing she has done for me, I’m not even after that, I just had to let her know I’m not trying to impress her beside I was very open & genuine to her. I just ignored her we both felt the relationship was just over, for almost 6-7 months we didn’t talk, she kinda moved on with a random guy she was posting on social media having great time with the guy which I saw. Couple of days ago she was calling & calling me severally I didn’t wanted to pick her calls, later I did & she said she wanted to really apologize to me about what she said that she was very wrong to have said that she’s feeling very guilty and I should just find a place in my heart to forgive her. She confessed the guy she was with was a serial cheat & she left him already, she sounded really pained & sorry, but the thing is I’m not angry anymore but I don’t know how to trust her anymore because now she want us to come back. I’m so confused.


  1. It’s fine if you can’t trust her anymore, it’s only normal. I mean, she suddenly remembered you when the guy she abandoned you for started cheating on her. Now she wants to reconcile with you lol. Anyway, do what you think is right.I will advise that you forgive her because no one is above mistakes, but if you feel like you can’t trust her again or that you aren’t ready to get back with her, just tell her your mind. She has to understand that she broke your heart with those statements she made. Follow what your heart tells you.

  2. She belongs to the street bro, be rest assuredly that’s she’s gonna keep doing this to you. I’ve been in that situation and you can only get to control such relationships when you’re around. If you don’t wanna hurt yourself just go look for love some where else and you can’t keep fucking her till you get tired or probably get married to someone. You’re king and she doesn’t deserve you

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