Two guys

I am in love with two guys and it’s really hard to decide, A is fine matured and loving too, he doesn’t joke with me but our differences is tiring. He doesn’t watch movies, he doesn’t want anime (japanese cartoon) well I do watch those things and they are my favorite to start with. Our conversation is always short and boring like he’s not all that fun, sex is cool but we don’t communicate properly. I can’t open up to him properly, I’m free with him but not so free! He acts too matured I might want to talk about my day with anime he wouldn’t even listen because he doesn’t have interest then came mr B ☺️

Two guys part 2

So then came mr B, he’s fine, fresh, matured too. Having a conversation with him is so free, he loves anime too so when telling him about my anime adventure he understands so well that we laugh and talk about how the future would look like, and our plans. I am so free with this man that I can tell him everything about my day, anything at all. He connects with me more, he loves me too, he doesn’t joke with me either. But the problem now is I like both of them and it’s a bit hard to choose. My sister said I should go with mr A he’s more matured yes I’m age! But mr B is also matured but his behavior around me feels like he’s a kid who is in love with his chocolate 😩. Sometimes I feel it’s too good to be true I need advice on how to make a decision 😩😩 because it’s really disturbing me


  1. I think you should go for Mr B dear writer. My reason is because there’s nothing more comfortable than being with someone on the same mental level as you and someone you can be yourself around them. That’s lovely ☺️

  2. I’d go for someone that we reasoning on the same wave length actually, the Mr A guy will later turn out boring at one point and you’ll get tired of him…while B sounds like the type of person that’ll always love you as long as you give the same energy tho

  3. If I should advise you, go for who makes your heart beat faster ( I think you know who that is) and also do this soon, so that you won’t end up complicating things more than it already is. Hearts will be broken, depending on who you decide to leave. Yes. But that’s just life. Please do what makes you happy, and by the way I love anime too 😊

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