What did I do wrong?

I was on my own last month, when this guy came to meet me. After much persuasions, I gave him my number. We went on a few dates, he seemed really sweet. We started dating February 1st. We hung out on Tuesday, this week and had our first sex. We talked althrough the night, we played, laughed. He shared a lot of his plans with me. I thought, I’d finally a real boyfriend. The next day, we shared a passionate kiss before we parted and he never picked my calls again😢. I’ve dialed his line numerous times, I’ve sent him messages but no response. Funny thing is, he keeps posting on his status and he reads my whatsapp messages but he doesn’t respond, so its not like he’s dead, lol. Why would he want to play with my heart and emotions like that? If he wanted just sex, he should said it, maybe I’d have thought about it, who knows. He’s very cruel. These are the reasons why I stay away from relationships because maybe there are no good men again. The few ones lefts are taken.😪💔


  1. Maybe you shouldn’t have been so quick to also have sex with him. If most of them wants this, there through color might come out if it takes very long to get what they want

  2. U can still have good men u just have to change ur circle from where u allow them to come in. You can chat me up on ig bills_solomon i can help u to create a good circle of good men.

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