I’m tired

This is where I put out my mind when it’s full. I’m tired of my parent, you can’t even breathe, you don’t have a opinion of your own. I’m 21 but I’m being treated like a 16 years kid. I’m being told what to wear, I don’t even have any friends because they don’t even let me leave the house. Sometimes I just feel like calling, I can’t even talk to them about dating or sex or the way I feel. Honestly i just wish a man can just marry me so I can leave this house for good. I’m tired😭😭😭😭😭.

One comment

  1. Parents can be overbearing at times. They may mean well, they do mean well but they do it by choking their children and it’s not fair. They should learn to give their children a break and stop manipulating their emotions and situations, especially African parents. It’s ok dear, everything will be fine. Try talking to them about how you feel, and if u know they won’t listen just leave it. Whenever u feel like this, breathe in and out deeply and try to remember things that make u laugh.

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