I’m alone, even in the midst of people, even with my family. I’m just there, alone and useless. I don’t have any friends. And before anyone starts to talk, I know I need friends to survive in this world. But I just can’t help it because of my anxiety and depression. I want friends, but I don’t know how to initiate conversation or keep it going. I prefer being alone but I hate the loneliness and being almost non existent and invisible in a crowd. I always wish to have one person that cares about me, that relates to my life and believe me a lot has happened to me. I convince myself that I’m strong for doing all I do alone, but deep down. Deep down I know I’m just a coward. I’m 19.


  1. When reading this, I honestly thought I wrote this without realizing or I forgot. And to think that I’m also 19 omor!!!
    It’s no doubt we’re both going through the same thing. I’ve also written something very similar on here. You’re not alone sis
    God will help us😪

    1. Thanks, it actually feels good to know I’m not the only one who feels like this. Wow, and we really must be going through the same thing for you to confuse what I wrote with what you would write. Good luck dear.

  2. To the guy who calls himself a loner, I really wish I could find a way to connect with you.
    You’re not alone

  3. 19 is quite the age man, I just feel like everyone goes through tough times at 19
    Hopefully life becomes better for you..

    And you are not a coward!!

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