In love…right?

I just met this girl off an online dating platform, we vibed hard, then my dumb ass ghosted a bit but came back. We picked up like I never left and we fell in love, she deserves the best in the world but I can’t give her that right now. The problem is I am at war with myself, I am sure I wanna marry her, like I have thought of all the pros and cons but it don’t matter, I want to marry her. We haven’t had sex yet and she has the body of a goddess so konji might be a factor sha, the issue is I am not so sure she loves me as much because I am too in love to even see if I am getting played. How can I be sure though, because I swear I wanna make her my wife sooner than later.

One comment

  1. Wait you want to marry her because she has the body of a goddess? 🙄.. better meet her offline and get to know her, for all you know it may even be a man you are talking to,these things happen..😴😴

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