Story of my life

Truly, I love you from the depth of my heart, and I’ve seen the clearer and brighter future of my kids since we have been dating. Back then in 2017 when you told me you were pregnant though I was really happy but we both knew i wasn’t ready to be a father and moreso my parents were not truly in support of my idea of marrying you (most especially my mum). You brain washed me all because you knew how much I love you and kept begging me that we can work hand to hand and things will be better. Your income is 100% way better than mine, I agreed just only to carry my cross as destiny brought to me. Gladly the baby arrived, despite the fact that I tried my best we had the ceremony but you carried 65% of the expenses. After few months my business turned down and I lost my job all the way, I have nothing to do anymore. I decided to venture into internet scamming (Yahoo) I gradually started making some money but the responsibility is very on a higher rate to the extent that for whole 2 years I couldn’t say this is what I’d gained in my hustling than taking the home responsibility. All along, after you only focused on your happiness and never looked at my way of life. I kept reminding you about your promise but you kept postponing me. You know I don’t rely on women so I decided to support every thing you were into. You started a project of about 6 million and you made me the supervisor, it was successful and you still kept postponing me , now we have welcome another baby boy and same thing is about to repeat itself. I kept begging you to help so I can be able to help you in times of need, but you never cared nor tried to understand my inner pain. Every one around me taught I was doing fine while inside of me I knew the trauma I was going along with on a daily basis. I keep asking my self (if I’m that a lazy man) but no, the problem is whenever I try to fit in I do spent all my incomes all because I want to be a man and carry my responsibility. My prayer to you is that you never come along a life challenge that will lay your back down, then you will know my true identity. I even keep reminding you to look around all your family and your coworker, whom exactly can you turn to and ask for at least a sum of #20k when in time of need, you never pointed anyone out, which means you have no one but me. Now my plan is, I will struggle to wait till end of this year (if only God gives the chance ) if I see no changes, I have no choice than to run away without leaving any trace of me to you nor any of my family till death do us apart, but I will make sure I impregnate you of , at least 3-5 month before making my decision. By the time you will be able to realize your mistake, responsibility must have kill your vibe by then but I bet you will never find a replaceable man like me ever in your life

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  1. I don’t know why some women are so selfish, they only care about their self.. My guy stay strong and believe in God you will be fine, God will surely bless you above your expectations

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