I wish I could get a change of family especially parents!! They all don’t care about my education single bit. Maybe they were before but not anymore. My dad is just a man figure nothing else. He never for once ask me about my education and never gives me money for food or any other things. My mom who I used to think is the best mom in the world have no problem about me spending another 1 year at home after spending 3 years already. Her friend who she always claim doesn’t know kids value was the one saying they ought not to make me wait another year at home again considering that I’m a girl and she was just giving flimsy excuses that kwara state university is not a good school blah blah. She should just come out straight that her so called kids can’t afford it instead of boosting to her that they can afford it if they want but they don’t like the school. My cousins mom is ready to take loans to send my cousins who just graduated to school so they won’t wait even a year at home and yet they’re not the best kinda parent according to my so called good Mom. My Dad is a dead beat father I even hate bringing him into this and she won’t stop insulting me to also stress him for it when she clearly knows he won’t drop anything or show interest. I didn’t give birth to myself by myself and not especially to that Father. I just keep saying I want to make my own money so I could use it to process my admission before it gets too late but I don’t even know what kinda business or way to get it. I’m more than desperate in my life right now. I’m at the bridge of having a long time hatred for my family. I hate them so much because they made me to and I can’t even hide it anymore.
I was doing better forgetting about it until her friend came over today and talked about it, it was then I realized I can’t get over this without a way out and all I just had was a temporary happiness. Now I’m back to my depressing days after few days break. Life sucks and I’m full of hatred.

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