Back in 2017, I was dating this girl called Ada, I loved her too much, i did everything i could for her, but we fought almost every week then. The emotional turmoil, pains and every surpassed the love. She deceived in every sense of the word, she was dating some other people, having flings and even dated her mother’s boyfriend, like can you imagine? She had the guts to sleep with my brother’s friend fully knowing that my brother’s friend was dating one of her friend back in school. This chick to top it all up was bisexual as well. I thought I was in love but mehn looking back at those years now I know I was her fool, I thank God I had the courage to breakup with her in 2018. Fast forward 2020, she was posted to Delta, she came again wanting us to date, me with that hell and emotional maturity at this point, I told her off. But I still think that relationship still had an effect on me, I find it hard to fully commit myself and give my all now, it has helped me so far but sometimes I feel it holds me back. By the way, I am single, although I have dated a few after that breakup. I am grateful for the courage to workout on someone I really loved knowing they werent good for me and i deserved better.

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