He broke me into pieces after 2 years of spending my life through thick and thin, you were suddenly not proud of me, you were my first but after a year plus of taking my pride, you started doubting if you were truly the one. I chose you but at the end of the day, what do I get, heartbreak. All I did few months ago was cry my eyes and heart out and loose weight. Love fucking hurts, still annoying that I still love you. I will get better, I will win this fight with my heart.
Love totally destroys your soul and I hate it. I hate love, I totally do because it brings nothing but pain. I never deserved this, God in heaven knows I don’t, I feel like shit right now, felt worse wen you left, I went for 3 days without eating, brushing or even bathing, thought about slitting my hands to feel pains because my heart literally went numb. Love is beautiful but it’s destructive, can I ever love again . I hope that one day I get to be loved.

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