In all honesty, 90% of Nigerian girls are disgusting and very crappy, they legit will never appreciate what you do for them but act like they do, always ready to jump to the next person if the going gets tough. I mean you come into someone’s life take the one you can and then run to the next guy lol [IT’S CRAZY]. I legit dislike that 90% of Nigerian girls that are not even ready to work or put down a valid idea in business plan, all they want to do is buy hair, skincare routine and take photos on a green artificial grass. The next generation are now glued to all these things too [well done 90s generation y’all have passed down good virtues [call me crappy if you like but Nigerian girls are the real ASHAWO [you give a Nigerian girl 40k per month excluding the other foolishness she would ask for but she will still switch up [best test for ladies is to pretend everything is sinking for 3 months then see their true character]. I never tell ladies what i have achieved or they will always live a LIE in front of me [i own a HOLDING COMPANY WHICH HAS 5 COMPANIES AND I OWN 50% OF ALL 5 COMPANIES[THEY HAVE SUCCESSFULLY MADE MARRIAGE VERY HARD BECAUSE EVEN YOUR WIFE CAN SWITCH UP ON YOU.

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